Our music is not something that can be easily defined. More than a genre, we're a story. We're a story of music itself and its ride through blues, gospel, soul, R&B, rock and roll and the way all these rhythms have mixed with Latin cultures. We're a blend, a mixture of tastes and notes that make a unique sound.

We're a traveler band, filled with experiences and knowledge from many talented and solid musicians that add up to an eclectic sound thought by Juliana Lasses and Brian Rogers, leading members.

Through color full vocals and an understanding of music Juliana brings every inch of creativity and harmony to the table, while Brian and his guitar, and a longtime knowledge of music and its history blend into a delicious mix of sounds that move, song through song, by different genres and styles without losing the melodic sounds that make a great band.

Brian Rogers

Our guitar/lap steel player, Brian Rogers, brings a long time knowledge of Americana roots music and its history; with an intense passion for notes and their background, he builds a melodic foundation that delivers diverse rythms.

Juliana Lassess

Through colorful, engaging vocals and an intimate understanding of music, Singer/Songwriter Juliana Lasses brings an innate sense of creativity and harmony to the band printing all of her experience in the study and developing of music throughout the years.